These Kids Will Make You Laugh Hard!


Very funny video!

Children are the most charming creatures in the world and a constant source for joy. Look at these charming little ones and try to hold your laugh. It will be impossible.

In the first episode we see how the three twin kids are dancing under the modern melody. They make funny dance moves and watch TV. Suddenly one of them slaps another on the pope. He starts to run away from him. Ahaha! This is so funny and the child is clearly not enough that he drove his sibling in this way. He beats another child who dances near him, but he does not think to run away. It did not work.

In the next episode, we see how parents scare the baby with a toy dinosaur. They came to the toy store and Daddy picked up a box with a dinosaur. He showed it to his son and the child began to run away, as if it was a real T-Rex. We see how the kid really got scared and runs away from the man. It seems that it’s time to stop the game.

We also see the child eating chips and .. sleeping. In a state of half-sleep, he takes a treat and chews it. It’s hard to say whether he really sleeps or is just sitting on the sky with happiness when he’s eating chips, but at this moment he’s incredibly cute.

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