Little Girl Sings ‘History repeating’ And This Will ‘WOW’ You 100%


She’s amazing!

That’s what happens when the family has two insanely beautiful and talented daughters who are constantly competing for the superiority.

Meet Tali Cooper, charming little sister Emily Cooper, who is already well known in their homeland in Israel. She won the hearts of compatriots, as a singer, and received a huge number of awards for participation and winning competitions.

Tali does not want to lag behind her. The girl came to Ukraine to a music show. «Voice. Children»  to sing the song «History repeating».

«I want to prove to everyone that I’m no less talented than Emily,»- Tali said of the reasons for her arrival in the Ukrainian show.

When the Girl appeared on the stage and began to sing, it became clear that her ambitions are justified. She was sure of her strengths for good reason, and the jury immediately wanted to press the red button. In the end, each of them decided to take Tali to his team, but for this the girl had to decide who she wanted to see as a coach.

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