‘Happy Birthday’ Song Causes Strange Reaction… So Cute!


Yeap, that’s me every year!

Who would have thought that a birthday can cause so many negative emotions? Especially when you are only two years old!

Meet Jack, a boy who does not like his birthday and most of all he does not like a greeting song that causes negative emotions from him.

We see a little boy sitting at the feeding table. He just had dinner and it’s time for his mom to congratulate the child on his birthday ..

«Happy birthday to you ..» — she began to sing, and we see how the boy changed in the face. He listens to his mother’s voice and tries to smile, but it’s obvious that he does not feel like laughing. Poor baby, he’s about to cry. Just look how his eyes are sad. He had a wonderful mood until mom told him that he had a birthday and did not start singing this nasty song.

Jack began to cry, and his mother, not believing what was happening, continued to sing, until she realized that he was going to cry seriously. She stopped and began to calm the child. Who would have thought that the usual song about the birthday can cause tears in the child.

The audience was touched by Jack’s reaction. They shared their impressions in the comments after watching the video.

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