Baby Boy Refuses To Touch Onion Rings


Ahaha! This kid knows that even touching harmful fast food is harmful, and so he refuses to touch french fries

Meet Zane, who will show you how to behave when you are offered fast food.

We see a little adorable boy sitting on the couch next to his mother. Mom offers him french fries, but he refuses even to touch it. We see how he tries to avoid even touching a piece of potato. Ahaha! He’s so funny at this moment!

The boy’s father decided to offer him a bow ring, but Zayn showed his principles and did not touch it. We hear the boy’s parents laughing at him. I must say that this is a really funny scene.

The audience liked the little Zane and they left their impressions in the comments after watching the video.

«Zane was looking at that fry & onion rings like nope … I’m not touching that», «Too stinkin cute !!», «He is so cute !!», «Did he fill up on fried chicken …? «- they wrote and we share their opinion. Fast food is extremely harmful to young children, and that’s why.

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