4-Year-Old Gets 3D-Printed Prosthetic Arm In Ironman Colors


This 4-year-old boy named Hudson has a special gift for Christmas

The child lost part of the hand, and his parents did everything to turn his flaw into something he would be proud of.

3D-Printed Prosthetic Arm has become an alternative to more expensive traditional prostheses. It was printed in yellow and red colors, just like Iron Man’s, Hudson’s favorite hero.

Look at the reaction of the child! He is so happy that tears flow down our cheeks with joy for this baby! It’s so wonderful that now he has a hand, like super heroes have!

We see how the children surrounded him and are considering Hudson’s new hand. He lifts it up and tries to bend his fingers. We are so happy for this charming child!

The audience was touched by this scene. They decided to leave their impressions in the comments after watching the video.

«awwww thats awesome and thank you guys for the news <«, «Nice but for real like wow», «That’s awesome!», «Robo kid», «Super hero kid» — they wrote and we share their opinion.

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