2-Year-Old Plays Violin And Sings… So Talented!


Aww, this adorable baby will steal your heart!

Meet Sophia, a two-year-old talented actress who plays the violin and sings!

We see how a charming girl, who looks like a pretty doll, sits in bed. It will be her improvised scene.

The girl takes the violin in her hands, and even if she does not remember what this musical instrument is called, she is going to play on it.

Look how confident she took the violin in her hands and put it to her chin, like real musicians do.

She grabbed the bow with her hand and began to play. Well, as all two-year-olds play, they try to extract from the instrument at least some sounds. However, this was not a full performance, Sofia began to sing.

Oh, how charming this childish voice sounds! She does not know how to speak well and does not know all the words of this song, but she … sings it! Ahaha! This baby deserves the loudest ovation and her parents give them to her.

The audience was crazy about this wonderful artist and we share their opinion. They shared their impressions in the comments after watching the video.

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